The Old Moseley Arms

We hold four seasonal beer festivals every year.

Our remaining 2017 Beer Festival dates are

Winter - Thursday 30th November - Sunday 3rd December

We have live entertainment on every night during our beer festivals and the full tandoori oven menu.

The Old Moseley Arms Winter Beer Festival Ale Notes 30th November – 3rd December 2017
1) (Fernandes) Grainiac (4.1%) – Brewed with five varieties of malted grains, giving hints of caramel and citrus. (Copper)
2) (Dr Morton’s) Chicken Vindaloo (4.1%) – Crisp, earthy & spicy aromas from the use of MT Hood, Waimea & Sorachi Ace hops. Spiced up with Cayenne Pepper for an extra little kick. (Pale Blonde)
3) (Ilkley) Tribus Lupulus 2.6 (4.4%) - Three hop pale series, using Rakau from New Zealand, and then two big hitters from the US Summit & Nugget. (Pale)
4) (Pig & Porter) Fatal Flaw (4.5%) - An American ale featuring aromatic malt and ale yeast. The malt backbone of biscuit and toffee makes this beer. (Amber)
5) (North Riding) Aussie Pale (4.6%) – Australian Pale ale brewed with the Vic secret variety. (Pale)
6) (Revolutions) The Killing Moon (4.5%) - Latest in the rewind 33 special series – A treacle toffee brown ale, celebrating Echo & Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” (Brown)
7) (Neepsend) Kefka (4.6%) – Single hopped ale brewed with UK hop variety Jester which imparts grapefruit and tropical fruit notes. (Pale)
8) (Saltaire) Winter Ale (4.9%) – Strong amber ale with toffee accents from three rich malts, moderately hopped with Challenger and Bramling Cross hops (Amber)
9) (Empire) Hopsy (5%) - Pale amber beer, hopped with American Centennial (Amber)
10) (Goose Eye) Over & Stout (5.2%) - An excessively dark stout, strong in content & strong in flavour. With the smoothness of a dark mild but the strength to wake the dead (Dark)
11) (Riverhead) Brewdica (5.5%) - Brewsters IPA brewed with First Gold hops. Orangey marmalade flavours coming through with spicy notes to finish. (Pale)
12) (Rat) Ratscallion (7%) - Hoppy IPA with the warming kick of a beer of superior strength. Great for the winter chills!!!!! (Pale)

Plus 3 Ciders/Perry
Chilli Ginger 4% Cheeky Cherry 4% Mulled Cider 5.2%